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11 May, 2006

I am very happy to finally be able to open the English part of my website!

Last year marked the 20th anniversary since my formal debut in Japan, after receiving first place at the 9th International Harp Contest in Israel in July of 1985. Although I don’t like so much to make a big deal out of any kind of anniversary, I decided to present a series of solo recitals in Tokyo on this occasion. After making a list of all the pieces which I wanted to play, I finally ended up with three programs, each with different themes. The three recitals took place in three different concert halls in Tokyo, during January to March of this year. I would like to share the programs and my thoughts about them with you. Please click on this link to read them.

Through this website, I hope to be able to communicate with harpists, harp-lovers, and music-lovers worldwide. I do not know how often I will be able to post messages here, but the concert schedule will be updated regularly, so I hope that you will stop by from time to time!


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